Is there any water ice at landing site of Phoenix?
Dirty condensed snowballs on telescopic leg? Dust powder fixated by adhesion forces just after water steam condensed on telescopic leg? Soil what jet dug it? See the series of pictures about history of conditions of condensation. If at "Dodo-Goldilocks" a sublimation process detected, it is interesting to look after "dirty snowballs" beneath of Phoenix on the North-East telescopic leg. Is there any remaining "snowballs" or there are only dust and cobbles? It is necessary to repeat exactly the same movement and position of robotic arm which was used to take this underlook picture can be seen just below.

This is an international site of the topic "Writing on the Mars? Or is it just a coincidence?"

For press release: /Who, what, when, where, how?/
Mars Global Surveyor MGS took the "Cydonia" picture April 6, 1998 together with interesting formations similar to letters discovered in the picture by VP in 1999.
Features similar to letters are on the D&M pyramid like hill at 28 km distance from the Face like hill.

I am asking to everyone: Please help me, is this an interesting feature? How must this question be handled? How do you want to handle this question? If you have any explanation, please contact me. See my e-mail address at the bottom of the page .

Before studying the whole document, please read the scientific demand statement.

The facts in pictures:
In medias res (into the middle of things): The significant part of the famous NASA MGS (Mars Global Surveyor) picture are:

There is a static picture and step by step contrast enhanced motion pictures, about some topics, but in different phases. You can compare them simultaneously.

Where is the "graffiti like" picture from? - From original NASA sites. To get your own original picture, you will find step by step instructions below:

As the original picture is big, you must save it into your computer, probable you can not see it inside the browser. Please use your browser's save option. Click on.jpg the link with right mouse button, and choose the appropriate save menu item. This is a very important step of getting your full, visible and measurable picture.
The original picture on its own original site, the small picture was cut out from here:

You must save it into your harddisk with your browser's save option!
The feature is at the bottom-right side of the picture. Unit of measurement is pixel. The origin is the upper-left corner, thus the phenomenon is at 450,6500 - 650,6600. You can see this cydonia1tp_bot.tif picture with your favourite picture viewer or editor. If you haven't installed any of convenient painting software, you can download one from here:
Minimum requirements for displaying the  document and pictures: a 640x480-resolution and minimum 16-bit (65536) colour monitor. You can correct the visibility of pictures by adjusting brightness and contrast.

LOCATION of the feature: Solar system, Mars, 41.09° N, 9.80° W.

The location of Cydonia region on the Mars:

Click on the picture to get a big map.
Position is about at planet Mars 41.09° N, 9.80° W (USGS MDIM Coordinates)

The D&M "pyramid" is located and visible above at the bottom left corner of the red quadrangle. This is a pentagon-like shape pyramidal hill.

In the next picture you can see perspective circle views of the D&M "pyramid". Magenta arrow shows the location of the significant feature.
See credit at the end of this document.
The next picture below is the high resolution content of the red quadrangle visible above.
If you have downloaded the original picture,
(   It is quite big picture, but it's necessary to demonstrate the existence of the feature.)
please compare this part with the bottom region of the original picture. The only modification is the arrows.
Here is the slightly contrast enhanced significant part of the picture visible above. Beside is the step by step contrast enhanced and prepared animation, where the blinking part is a possible ruin covered area.

Sizes (see below the exact measurements):
                            Width of "F" or "Kappa" about 10 pixel = 43 m
                            Height of "F" or "Kappa" about 25 pixel = 100 m
                            The "writing" is on the right side of the "pyramid" towards 2 o'clock
                            Diameter of suncircle (the most visible) about 40 pixel = 160 m
                            Length of the suncircle complex about 300 pixel = 1200 m

Original picture was taken from 220 orbit of Mars Global Surveyor.
Position is about at planet Mars 41.09° N, 9.80° W (USGS MDIM Coordinates)
Width 4.32m/pixel x 200 pixel = 864 m
Height 4.32m/pixel x 100 pixel = 432 m

Orbit:  220
Range:  444.21 km
(Attention! There are slight differences between two official sources
Planetary Image Atlas
and JPL )
Resolution:  Planetary Image Atlas: 4.18 m/pixel / JPL: 4.32 m/pixel)
Actual image dimensions:  1024 X 9600 pixels, 4.42 km  X 41.5 km
Line time:  0.69 msec
Emission angle:  44.68 / 44.66 degrees
Incidence angle:  65.03 / 64.96 degrees
Phase angle:  61.98 / 61.97 degrees
Scan rate:  ~0.1 degree/sec
Start time:  periapsis + 375 sec
Sequence submitted to JPL:  Sat 04/04/98 15:15 PST
Image acquired by MOC:  Sun 04/05/98 00:39:37 PST
Data retrieved from JPL:  Mon 04/06/98 09:05 AM PDT
Last text is visible below in its original text environment.

Other interesting things:
North direction of the graffiti at 14 km distance there is a dolphin like mound. The dolphin is jumping and of its half body is out of water. At the bottom of the dolphin like mound are parallel dunes, like usually at lower part of mounds and hill surround. The picture on the left is a part of the cydonia1tp_bot.gif or  equal cydonia1tp_bot.tif .
Once more: As the original pictures are big, you must save them into your computer, probably you can not see them inside the browser. Please use your browser's save option. Click on the link with right mouse button, and chose the appropriate save menu item. This is a very important step of getting your full, visible and measurable picture.

The picture on the right is a simple usual dolphin photo, taken in Earth. This picture was put here to demonstrate the similarity.
Please help me, is this an interesting feature? How must we handle this question? How do you want to handle this question? If you have any explanations, please contact me. See the e-mail address at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

North direction of the graffiti at 28 km distance, there is the Face like hill.

Is this a random coincidence of shapes and shades, or is it an deliberate manipulation of original RAW data, taken by MGS ?

A small 'picture' for a man, a giant leap for mankind.
Or not...

An important scientific statement.

Scientific demand - This is a scientific demand site. We want to examine the question using only facts without any mystical unconfirmed idea. Please understand and accept this demand.

For any believers:
UFO believers: (Business) UFO believers please drop this topic.
Sceptics:          Without examination "Scientific" and aggressive without examination sceptic "believers" or with other word "unbelievers" please drop this topic. We want to examine this question with scientific technique, and we want to do and do it really.
We accept, of course, all persuasion, however in this case they are indifferent.

We welcome realistic ideas:
We can accept any suggestion and question, only after you have downloaded and examined the said pictures and features by yourself. There were a lots of respectable people who told something unreal, but naturally sceptic ideas. It was inconvenient after they had seen these significant pictures.
We welcome any idea after you have downloaded and examined the full and original version of the cydonia1.tif and cydonia1tp_bot.tif or cydonia1tp_bot.gif picture files. Please indicate in your mail the download time, the connection type, the computer ability and the graphical program you use. We will help you if you have any problem during examination.

We can allow only one acceptable and possible solution for this topic: More pictures are needed from different positions, camera and Sun angles. Or - but we hope this is only a mathematical and logical possibility - we want to know the feature is really in the original picture, or it was modified by somebody on the Earth with computer program action. We believe and are convinced that, the said possibility in this case is zero. Please confirm it if you can. Thank you.

Credit to Hungarian scientist Tódor Kármán, the founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, NASA scientists, all Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) team, Mark J. Carlotto, and to all of respectable staff.

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